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Properties at the ‘Monarchenhügel’ are sold off!
All properties at the ‘Monarchenhügel’ in Leipzig have been sold within the shortest time. 75% of the costumers
build a Danwood House.

Heimdall invests in Eilenburg:
9100 m² bought in Eilenburg at the Schlossberg.
On the 01. 11. 2016 the first plot of land, on which now a very modern doctor's house on a usable area of 1,500 m ² will originate, was sold. The rest area is parceled out in 9 properties for one family houses.


Waldstraßenviertel is growing

Finally, some of the last empty sites in Waldstraßenviertel can be filled.
The site in Lortzingstrasse is going to be linked with properties in
Pfaffendorfer Staße. With support of the JR Heimdall Invest GmbH,
we were able to buy all properties in one row. Now they can be planned and designed.
Germany Bonava, as a daughter of one of the biggest Scandinavian construction-,
and real estate groups NCC, is taking the chance to use the building
for multi-residential construction.